Comic published on Friday, February 24th, 2017

Rise From Ashes is becoming a featured webtoon at LINE. That means, sadly, that it’s curtains for the updates here (LINE will have exclusive rights). Thanks so much for all your support guys! I hope to see you all over at LINEWebtoon sometime. The current page can be found at . For now, these pages will remain up another week before being removed. I might archive them somewhere for posterity.

Sigh, I know, ANOTHER reboot, yaaaaaah.

This also means I’ll be removing my $15 Patreon tier, as the thanks page is also being removed. I’m lucky to have had the support of you guys for so long, and if I don’t see you at LINE, send me random kind fuzzy thoughts anyway. I’ll need it for all the work involved!

Guarding Princess