What’s that new link in your menubar?!

Published on Friday, March 6th, 2015

Hey all!

Rise From Ashes’ menubar now has a link to my Patreon, which will launch on the 9th of March! What’s Patreon? Well, you can click the link, read my cute comic and find out!

You won’t be able to subscibe to my Patreon account until it’s launched. But that’s only two days from now! Oh gosh, the suspense! What sights you will see!


Have a great weekend, and beware the schemes of the undead!

Patreon soon!

Published on Sunday, February 22nd, 2015

stinchtierPatreon Awesomeness is nearly here, dear readers!

My Patreon will be launching in the next few days, peeps! Just ironing out the last few wrinkles, and preparing to get some extra content going. Be sure to take a look at my Patreon Page when it goes live, and prepare yourself for incredibleness!

In other news, how are you enjoying Rise From Ashes so far? We’ve had a bit of action, and someone new has turned up! But he’s far from the expected sort of friend Winter should be making, and something dark will begin to brew in her life. Can her father steer her away from the influence of this strange boy, or will fate have other ideas?

Calling all prospective Gravedigging and Ghost-Taming enthusiasts!

Published on Wednesday, January 28th, 2015

croachtierIn the interests of bringing you more excellent supernatural tomfoolery, I’ll be launching a Patreon in the next few weeks! You’ll be able to support my work and get early updates, sketches, tutorials and walkthroughs of my art! Of course, Rise From Ashes will always remain free, but my Patreon will allow you to support me with donations while getting access to some great stuff of mine that you can’t see elsewhere. Stay tuned, and please show your love! Your support will keep my art and stories flowing!

Holiday Fun Time Post

Published on Saturday, December 27th, 2014

Hi all! I sure hope you’re enjoying your end of yearnessess. I’m using the break to catch up on Hollow Fields and of course claw back some of my webcomic buffer. Anyone else have any artistic projects going? Tell me about it in the comments! Especially if they envolve conjoining live animals into sculptural installations!

Be safe over the new year and we’ll return to Winter’s story on January the fifth!

Post-lunch journal update

Published on Sunday, November 30th, 2014

So I was at the Stanley awards a little while back, and it was great to catch up with some fellow Aussie creators. It did drive home that it’s a small world down here – the comics world, I mean. It would be great to go to the US sometime and see a huge convention like San Diego, but right now that won’t be happening until I somehow come into a large fortune after a mysterious benevolent relative I’ve never met passes away and leaves it to me, along with a haunted mansion that I must spend a night in before I can claim my birthright. Does this manion have an internet connection? Ha! Easy peasy. Huh, I don’t remember downloading those pictures of Slenderman to my desktop. What’s that sound? Why are the walls bleeding?

I promised to announce any hiatuses in advance, and that’s why there’s be a week-long break from updates in early January next year while I visit my folks in Melbourne. Since I’m Tasmanian, going to any location that is not within the borders of Tasmania involves a plane (or a boat, but bleearrgh, seasickness. Also, frequent attacks from ghost pirate ships, who needs that). I really loathe planes because I quite like gravity, and planes are the arch-rival of gravity. And I don’t like when my ears pop. And I can’t take a cat with me. That’s what they said last time, anyway, and I had to leave Astro in the Hobart airport lounge with a magazine and a bag of chips for four days until I got back.

Story-wise, we’re getting through the introductory bit of the tale, and moving into more serious territory shortly. Someone important is going to turn up soon. Yeahh! Things are happening! I can’t believe we’re still on chapter zero! Curse my need to establish background and mood!

Let your friends know about Rise From Ashes, as it will be a cautionary tale about treatment of the dead. Also, I want more pageviews. Click the social media icons to add my pretty art to your tumblr or twitter or facebook! It’s an instant talking point with those friends you never contact!

Sleep is for the weak

Published on Thursday, October 16th, 2014

I don’t even know what happened to my sleep schedule lately…I guess it’s nice to have a webcomic going because when I’m restless I can always get up and work on it. Staring at a computer screen at 3am doesn’t really do a whole lot for my circadian rhythm, though. Quite often I drift off in my chair only to wake up and find that the stylus has slipped out of my hand, I’ve been slumped on the keyboard and I’m covered in cats again. I think the cats sense weakness and are circling my prone form like vultures, waiting for nature to take its course and turn my body into cat dinner. Hahaaaa….I love my cats, but I can sense their pitiless evil…


Published on Wednesday, October 1st, 2014


What’s this?! Why, it’s a wee look at the buildings of Hollow Fields! That’s right, while I’m working on Rise From Ashes I’m also working on Volume Four of Hollow Fields, to be published through Seven Seas Entertainment next year. You might think black and white is easier, but honestly detailed backgrounds take ages for me regardless of medium.

I’m also working on a double-page spread for Rise From Ashes which you’ll see in about three weeks or so – it’ll be your introduction to the steampunk city of Bearbrass! Because I normally update three times a week, I’m going to establish early on right now that two-page spreads count for two updates. Because it’s two pages. Yeah, don’t get greedy. I promise it will be worth it!

I’m also attending the Stanley Awards in Sydney in November where I’ll be holding a panel with some other artists on the graphic novel process. Come along if you’re local!

Settling in

Published on Sunday, September 21st, 2014

I’m getting into a steadier rhythm, working between Hollow Fields and Rise From Ashes. Hollow Fields will have a fourth volume out next year, and the inks have required a lot of tweaking to surpass the first three volumes. If you like random clockwork, stitches and Mister Croach, you’re going to like volume four!

It’s been a while since I’ve done a webcomic (well, a long while) and I forget how intensive the social media side can get. But you guys have been great, and your feedback is really, really appreciated. Let me know if there’s any typos or something doesn’t look right! I’ve learned from working in publishing that readers can often have the best eyes for the foibles in a comic work that the artist is too frazzled to pick up on!

Now if only I could get my sleep schedule under control! I’ve been told I need more sunlight, but what is that, precious? Hisssss!!

Rise From Ashes – Welcome!

Published on Wednesday, September 17th, 2014

comingosonroughIt’s been a long time in the making, but Rise From Ashes has finally made its way from my headspace, through my sketchbook, into my computer and finally online! I started writing this story about the same time as I was working on volume two of Hollow Fields, which is…2007. Yeouch. Originally it was meant to go online in 2012, but thanks to interfering schedules and my own perfectionism I had to keep making up excuses to people as to why ‘that colour thing with the ghosts’ that I was working on just wasn’t anywhere near ready. I knew when I launched my webcomic I’d want to have a decent buffer and a generous update schedule, because there’s quite a bit of story to get through here. Today officially begins Chapter Zero, or ‘how things in Chapter One have come to pass.’ I hope you enjoy young Winter’s story, and her travels into the steampunk supernatural. And if you enjoy your visit here, please spread the love and tell folks about Rise From Ashes. Oh, and feel free to comment. The pages become haunted when the comment sections are empty, and my computer is old and creepy enough…!

Guarding Princess