We’re baaaack-ish

Published on Monday, April 18th, 2016

Hey all. Thanks for being patient!

Before I get in to the story, I’d like to give you guys a foreword which explains some of the things that have been happening, and why the reboot was necessary. I’ll be releasing a page from the foreword every mon-wed-fri over the next two weeks. Then we’ll get into the new Rise From Ashes on Monday May 2.

You might have also noticed that the update schedule has changed to MON-THU on the top right hand corner. This isn’t set in stone – I’m just pacing myself to see how quick I can get the pages out, and if I’m doing well with the buffer, I’d like to increase it to three updates a week.

Finally, these autobiographical kitty strips will be getting their own space on the internets, where I can use them to vent and be weird. Stay tuned for their launch!

Holding pattern

Published on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

Err…so it turns out I shouldn’t promise the comic will restart until I actualy have the update done, haha! *cringes*

Yes, there will be another delay. The site update isn’t ready yet, and I’ve had some art changes because I’m fussy when I stew on my work. This time I’m gonna give myself an extra week to prepare, and we’ll be ready to relaunch on the 18th of this month. Delays suck, but it’s important to get this right since it’s a reboot!

Yep, it’s a reboot. I’m really curious to see how readers will react to the new story direction. But instead of letting it meander about, I’ve written a more complete first volume story which makes quite a few changes to things.I hope folks will like it and will enjoy the creepy story I have in store – once we can get everything around here shipshape!

Hope you enjoyed April Fools – I never do because I’m a trusting soul, sniff.

Reboot will be up April 4th!

Published on Monday, March 28th, 2016

Hey all,

Due to the Easter weekend delaying the website update and the book launch of Hollow Fields and the Perfect Cog, I’ll be delaying the reboot for a week. It’ll start in the first week of April instead. Until then, enjoy reading the old pages and look out for my book in stores!

Rebooting next week!

Published on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

After this huge revolting hiatus due to real life being dumb, Rise From Ashes is returning next week on Monday the 28th! That’s a day before Hollow Fields 4 is released!

The story will be rebooted with a bunch of changes, due to me being more organized and wanting a tidier story. So the old ‘Chapter Zero’ will be archived, but it won’t be a part of this story. It’ll stay on the site for people to read, though.

There’ll also be a spankin’ new site design, and early uploads will recommence on my Patreon. Between this and Hollow Fields, next week will be big!

Hiatus, etc.

Published on Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Hi all,

Well, unfortunately, the last third of 2015 turned into a bit of a horror story from whence my webcomic did not manage to rise (hah). There are still continuing issues with volume 4 of Hollow Fields. We’re just about done, but it has been a very hard road.

Worse, a relative passed away unexpectedly before Christmas, causing a lot of family heartache. There’s been a lot of travel and organization required to help out. Needless to say the end of this year hasn’t been very festive at all.

There is a plan to get some webcomicking going again before too long, but you’ll have to wait a little while my life sorts itself out a bit better.

Have a happy and safe holiday season, and follow my Twitter for updates. Thanks for all of your support!  –M

November, and whatnot

Published on Monday, November 2nd, 2015

I hope you all had a great Halloween! I’ve been working to fix the issues we have with volume 4 of Hollow Fields, and dealing with some ill health.  Webcomic hiatuses suck for everyone, and I’m sorry that this has been a big one. There’s still a final chapter plus a cover to design, as well as post production thingumajigs. This…has not gone smoothly. But the priority is to get a good looking book that readers will love, so let’s do this! Yaaargghh!!

This means free gigs like Rise have to wait their turn, sadly. I’m interested in doing a site overhaul so that when it relaunches it’ll have a new look(whee)to go with the new story.  Yes, new story! What does that mean?! Holy cow!

Anyway, apologies for the disappointing wait, and please look forward to a site relaunch after HF is done…!

September, and whatnot

Published on Saturday, September 12th, 2015

Hey all!

So the plan was to get Rise From Ashes back up for August. Unfortunately, my day job has intervened, in a rather dramatic manner. Hollow Fields has a fourth volume coming out next year that I’m currently working hard on. Within the last month, we’ve come across some big issues with the art for the book, not the least of which is that a significant amount of the artwork needs to be redone. As in, an entire chapter. And a bit. I was hoping to have Rise back in at least a limited format; but right now I need to focus on doing my best with HF4. It’s been tough news, but that’s how the job is. Once the Hollow Fields art issues have been sorted, I can get back to Rise. Alas, it’s going to be closer to the end of the year than I’d like. Editorial mandate states that the art for HF4 is due in November, so after that’s done I’ll be free to pursue other mangawork as much as I like. Woop.

In any case, thanks for your patience, readers! I promise the wait will make the return of Rise all the more cromulant. In the meantime, follow me on twitter for updates and random pictures of cake. Also, feel free to send me random pictures of cake.

It’s August already??!!

Published on Monday, August 10th, 2015

Hello all!

Just a quick update! I’ve been in bed with bronchitis and the flu all at once lately (yay) but fortunately I seem to be getting over that. That hasn’t caused a delay in my work here…what has is that I am currently working on Hollow Fields Volume Four, and we’ve been having a few issues with the artwork and getting some chapters re-done. Unfortunately the flow-on effect of all this has meant that my plans to do a short Rise From Ashes story here starting from August have taken a bit of a hit. Sadly, publishing work takes precedence, and I want Hollow Fields to look great for when it’s released early next year!

I’m still getting a rather kooky short-story together for this site, but at the moment it might be a bit of a challenge to get it up here by the end of August…we’ll see. It’s definitely a change of pace, and I’m looking forward to hearing what you guys think. In any case, Hollow Fields is scheduled to be completed in a few months by which time I can concentrate on overhauling my Rise From Ashes website and getting some real work done around here. Thanks for hanging in there, and beware of haunted public toilets – the second-most haunted type of unheated concrete buildings in Australia!

Chapter 0 end is nigh!

Published on Monday, June 15th, 2015

Hello minions!

As I have mentioned in one place or another, the end to chapter zero is fast approaching, with just a few pages left. So we’ll be finishing up at the end of next week. Afterwards, Rise From Ashes will be officially on hiatus until the first week of August – and when it starts up again, there’ll be a different format that will be a special First Hood short story, to run one large page a week. Woah noes, why?! Well, two reasons. One, because I want to get Hollow Fields 4 completed in the next four months, and right now with three updates a week among other things it’s become difficult to stay on schedule. And my editor is probably one phone call away from sending a hitman right now over the missed deadlines, so let’s not tempt him. Two – I want to try something different, art-wise, for a little bit – and a short story will allow me to do that. The story will run for around three months while I mop up HF4. Even though it’s one page a week, I want each page to be more detailed and stand-alone-ish, like a weekly serial. TIme will tell if my crackpot idea works. Mad science, hurraw!!

I’m currently looking through feedback for the first chapter. Would love some more so that I can make my work better, so please send comments.

Also, if between the end of chapter 0 and the start of August you’d like to submit art or a short strip, you can potentially brainwash me into showing it here! Can use this hiatus as an excuse to feature works by my talented readers! Send me a direct message through my twitter if you’re insane enough to do this! And have a good week!

Guarding Princess