Holding pattern

Published on Saturday, April 2nd, 2016

Err…so it turns out I shouldn’t promise the comic will restart until I actualy have the update done, haha! *cringes*

Yes, there will be another delay. The site update isn’t ready yet, and I’ve had some art changes because I’m fussy when I stew on my work. This time I’m gonna give myself an extra week to prepare, and we’ll be ready to relaunch on the 18th of this month. Delays suck, but it’s important to get this right since it’s a reboot!

Yep, it’s a reboot. I’m really curious to see how readers will react to the new story direction. But instead of letting it meander about, I’ve written a more complete first volume story which makes quite a few changes to things.I hope folks will like it and will enjoy the creepy story I have in store – once we can get everything around here shipshape!

Hope you enjoyed April Fools – I never do because I’m a trusting soul, sniff.

Guarding Princess