Hiatus, etc.

Published on Saturday, December 26th, 2015

Hi all,

Well, unfortunately, the last third of 2015 turned into a bit of a horror story from whence my webcomic did not manage to rise (hah). There are still continuing issues with volume 4 of Hollow Fields. We’re just about done, but it has been a very hard road.

Worse, a relative passed away unexpectedly before Christmas, causing a lot of family heartache. There’s been a lot of travel and organization required to help out. Needless to say the end of this year hasn’t been very festive at all.

There is a plan to get some webcomicking going again before too long, but you’ll have to wait a little while my life sorts itself out a bit better.

Have a happy and safe holiday season, and follow my Twitter for updates. Thanks for all of your support!  –M

Guarding Princess