November, and whatnot

Published on Monday, November 2nd, 2015

I hope you all had a great Halloween! I’ve been working to fix the issues we have with volume 4 of Hollow Fields, and dealing with some ill health.  Webcomic hiatuses suck for everyone, and I’m sorry that this has been a big one. There’s still a final chapter plus a cover to design, as well as post production thingumajigs. This…has not gone smoothly. But the priority is to get a good looking book that readers will love, so let’s do this! Yaaargghh!!

This means free gigs like Rise have to wait their turn, sadly. I’m interested in doing a site overhaul so that when it relaunches it’ll have a new look(whee)to go with the new story.  Yes, new story! What does that mean?! Holy cow!

Anyway, apologies for the disappointing wait, and please look forward to a site relaunch after HF is done…!

Guarding Princess