Chapter 0 end is nigh!

Published on Monday, June 15th, 2015

Hello minions!

As I have mentioned in one place or another, the end to chapter zero is fast approaching, with just a few pages left. So we’ll be finishing up at the end of next week. Afterwards, Rise From Ashes will be officially on hiatus until the first week of August – and when it starts up again, there’ll be a different format that will be a special First Hood short story, to run one large page a week. Woah noes, why?! Well, two reasons. One, because I want to get Hollow Fields 4 completed in the next four months, and right now with three updates a week among other things it’s become difficult to stay on schedule. And my editor is probably one phone call away from sending a hitman right now over the missed deadlines, so let’s not tempt him. Two – I want to try something different, art-wise, for a little bit – and a short story will allow me to do that. The story will run for around three months while I mop up HF4. Even though it’s one page a week, I want each page to be more detailed and stand-alone-ish, like a weekly serial. TIme will tell if my crackpot idea works. Mad science, hurraw!!

I’m currently looking through feedback for the first chapter. Would love some more so that I can make my work better, so please send comments.

Also, if between the end of chapter 0 and the start of August you’d like to submit art or a short strip, you can potentially brainwash me into showing it here! Can use this hiatus as an excuse to feature works by my talented readers! Send me a direct message through my twitter if you’re insane enough to do this! And have a good week!

Guarding Princess