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Comic published on Monday, June 29th, 2015

The beginning.

So, this is the last page of the prequel chapter. Rise From Ashes will officially be on hiatus until August – this is so that I can rework some ideas in my head, as well as catch up on the art for Hollow Fields volume 4. When we return in August, it’ll be with a short story in a different style, because I like trying new things! Expect it to be a story of the First Hood, with a lot more action.

In the meantime, if you’ve got RFA fanart, let me know! I’d love to show some here during the hiatus. And keep track of me on twitter!

Chapter 0 end is nigh!

Published on Monday, June 15th, 2015

Hello minions!

As I have mentioned in one place or another, the end to chapter zero is fast approaching, with just a few pages left. So we’ll be finishing up at the end of next week. Afterwards, Rise From Ashes will be officially on hiatus until the first week of August – and when it starts up again, there’ll be a different format that will be a special First Hood short story, to run one large page a week. Woah noes, why?! Well, two reasons. One, because I want to get Hollow Fields 4 completed in the next four months, and right now with three updates a week among other things it’s become difficult to stay on schedule. And my editor is probably one phone call away from sending a hitman right now over the missed deadlines, so let’s not tempt him. Two – I want to try something different, art-wise, for a little bit – and a short story will allow me to do that. The story will run for around three months while I mop up HF4. Even though it’s one page a week, I want each page to be more detailed and stand-alone-ish, like a weekly serial. TIme will tell if my crackpot idea works. Mad science, hurraw!!

I’m currently looking through feedback for the first chapter. Would love some more so that I can make my work better, so please send comments.

Also, if between the end of chapter 0 and the start of August you’d like to submit art or a short strip, you can potentially brainwash me into showing it here! Can use this hiatus as an excuse to feature works by my talented readers! Send me a direct message through my twitter if you’re insane enough to do this! And have a good week!

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