Published on Wednesday, October 1st, 2014


What’s this?! Why, it’s a wee look at the buildings of Hollow Fields! That’s right, while I’m working on Rise From Ashes I’m also working on Volume Four of Hollow Fields, to be published through Seven Seas Entertainment next year. You might think black and white is easier, but honestly detailed backgrounds take ages for me regardless of medium.

I’m also working on a double-page spread for Rise From Ashes which you’ll see in about three weeks or so – it’ll be your introduction to the steampunk city of Bearbrass! Because I normally update three times a week, I’m going to establish early on right now that two-page spreads count for two updates. Because it’s two pages. Yeah, don’t get greedy. I promise it will be worth it!

I’m also attending the Stanley Awards in Sydney in November where I’ll be holding a panel with some other artists on the graphic novel process. Come along if you’re local!

Guarding Princess